Is It Possible To Play Perfect Blackjack?

Is It Possible To Play Perfect Blackjack?

Most understand that slots are a game based around luck. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and occasionally you may hit a jackpot. There is nothing that you can do to win more often, or even to minimise losses. This doesn’t mean that slots aren’t fun, only that they are entirely luck based. But what about a game like Blackjack?

It is widely understood that Blackjack is skill based, meaning that, if you play well, you can win more often. You can perhaps even win consistently enough to walk away a 100% winner. Is this true, or just a myth? Let’s take a closer look and learn what we can about perfect Blackjack strategy.

No Such Thing As Perfect

First and foremost, let’s face reality. Although Blackjack does benefit immensely from skilled play, it is impossible to win a gambling game 100% of the time. By its very nature Blackjack is based around cards, meaning that due to probability you can’t always receive winning cards. You are going to lose sometimes, no matter how well you play.

So does this mean that all is lost? Absolutely not. By playing according to strategies what you can do is tip the scale in your favour over time. A professional Blackjack player doesn’t aim to win 100% of the time, but rather to win more often than not. By doing so an overall profit is made, surpassing any losses sustained. The trick is that playing well consistently does take time and practice. However, if you take advantage of an online casino sign up bonus you can practice with just about no impact to your bank account.

Know The Basics

It certainly doesn’t help trying to play Blackjack strategically without knowing the basics. First and foremost, the game is about getting closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. Amateurs often attempt to push their luck, pushing to get as close to 21 as possible. This isn’t at all necessary. Remember that if you stick on 12, and the dealer goes bust, you still win.

Second; the biggest advantage a player in Blackjack has is the Split and Double Down options. A great starting hand can be turned into a big win if you Split and Double Down at the right time. Most professional strategies are based around getting ahead with well-timed Double Downs.

Going Professional

So how do you take your Blackjack playing skills to the next level? There are numerous free guides available online, generally presented in the form of charts. The charts carefully explain what the right move to make is, depending on circumstances. Both your hand and the dealer’s face up card will be taken into account. You can print out these charts and use them when you play online, allowing you to essentially use perfect strategy. Some professionals say that playing to the charts reduces the house edge to just 0.5%. If you think you’re ready to try find some charts, sign up at an online casino, and test your luck.

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