Card Games for Family Game Nights

Card Games for Family Game Nights

Gather your family for a game night doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out process – choose an interactive card game ideal for car rides and snack breaks instead.

Most boxed card games will provide an indication of gameplay duration to help you choose the appropriate game for your family. Look for shorter games which are tailored more towards teen attention spans.

Rat a Tat Cat

Card games can be an engaging way for children and parents alike to engage in meaningful dinnertime, bedtime, and car ride conversations. Plus, they’re lightweight and portable – ideal for traveling families!

An exciting card game designed to test both eye speed and deduction skills. The first player to successfully match two cards with identical features wins! Suitable for children ages six years or up.

Each player receives four cards and may peek at two. Players take turns drawing cards from the draw pile and replacing one of their own cards (if playing with “peek,” swap” or Draw 2 power cards) until reaching an outcome with the lowest possible hand score by discarding high-value cards for lower ones containing whimsical cat illustrations.


Classic card game “War” provides children with an engaging opportunity to discuss colors and numbers while developing quick thinking abilities as players race against their opponent to discard all their cards first.

Skip card can be an engaging game for younger children when played against Mom and Dad, especially since players must say “Uno” rather than simply declaring they’ve run out – an invaluable opportunity for teaching good sportsmanship!

If you’re in search of an exciting card game, try the UNO Party Card Game! It follows all the same rules as UNO but without turns and includes action cards to amp up the fun – perfect for families that need an adrenaline kick!

Spot It

Are you searching for an exciting card game to keep the whole family on their toes? Spot It is the ideal solution! This challenging yet fun game calls on keen visual perception skills and quick thinking – perfect for all ages and perfect for family fun time.

Consideration must also be given to time commitment when selecting family games, with some board and strategy games lasting over an hour and card games offering quick rounds which are ideal for families with young children or those short on time.

Players in this fast-paced card game draw and flip two cards at the same time to see who can identify a matching symbol first between them. Once found, that player calls out its name to win that round – this set includes 55 round cards along with illustrated instructions in a convenient storage tin for easy storage!


If your children love competing against one another, try this fast-paced game designed to develop children’s number sense. Many families find this hilariously quick game keeps everyone coming back for more!

This card game promotes creative storytelling while teaching children how to form words using letters in their hands. It’s an excellent way to develop spelling and vocabulary while simultaneously practicing math skills as players add up their score at the end of every round.

Indoor treasure hunting games typically bring all ages together, from the youngest to the oldest. You can make the game easier for younger children by providing only picture or rhymed clues (which also helps develop writing skills). Unfortunately, however, sensitive kids may become frustrated at having their treasure taken from them by other players – this might not be suitable.


Card games are an enjoyable way to spend family time together. Planning is straightforward and budget friendly – not to mention they help reduce stress levels and help families bond over an enjoyable experience!

Solitaire is an excellent game to teach children patience and perseverance. It helps them resist impulses to act instantly in favor of carefully considering situations and anticipating better outcomes – an invaluable life skill that will serve them throughout their lives.

Solitaire can also provide players with an enjoyable form of recreation and can keep the mind active and busy, helping to prevent boredom. Research shows that boredom can cause people to become restless, lose focus and develop anxiety or depression – so avoiding boredom is an integral component of mental wellbeing.

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