BC.GAME Launches a Grand Lottery Event to Celebrate Argentina’s Epic Triumph

BC.GAME Launches a Grand Lottery Event to Celebrate Argentina’s Epic Triumph

BC.GAME, the official crypto casino partner of the Argentine Football Association or the AFA, is holding a grand lottery event to celebrate Argentina’s epic triumph in the 2022 World Cup Finals held last December 19, 2022. The lottery event will give VIP players of the crypto casino a chance to win up to $100,000. Qualified players can stay tuned regarding the lottery’s event details through email and platform updates. 

Argentina Triumphed France by 4-2 in a Penalty Shootout 

Nearly four decades after the country’s last World Cup trophy, Argentina finally took home its third World Cup championship in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Argentina triumphed France by 4-2 in a penalty shootout, making Argentina the official winner of the 22nd World Cup tournament. 

Argentina bagged its two other World Cup trophies in the 1978 and 1986 final matches. Besides bringing joy to their country and fans worldwide, Argentina’s sweet victory in the 2022 World Cup also helped Lionel Messi obtain the last trophy to complete his extensive football trophy collection. 

BC.GAME, AFA’s new global sponsor this year, proudly congratulates Messi and the AFA for claiming victory in this suspense-filled World Cup finals game. With AFA’s World Cup win, fans and bettors worldwide can expect an increase in bigger sports betting events in the future. Moreover, BC.GAME players can participate in more events, promotions, and other interesting activities brought by the AFA and the crypto casino’s collaboration together. 

How to Reach VIP Player Level in BC.GAME

As stated above, players must have VIP status to qualify for the upcoming lottery event. To reach VIP player status in BC.GAME, you must collect XP points by regularly playing BC. GAME’s different games with real money. 

Eventually, you will earn enough XP points that will give you VIP status on the platform. You will also receive an email informing you of your VIP status and exclusive entry to the VIP club. 

But even if players haven’t reached VIP status, there’s a good chance they can participate in other lottery events hosted by the crypto casino. For instance, in BC. GAME’s recent Coco Carnival Events, the platform also hosted several giveaways that catered to several players coming from different levels. 


BC.GAME is a Curacao-licensed online crypto casino platform managed by BlockDance B.V. Since its official launch in 2017, the crypto casino has expanded to include more than 8,000 titles in its official selection of games. This 2022, BC.GAME was awarded the “Crypto Casino of the Year” at the 2022 Sigma Awards. BC.GAME also recently hosted its Coco’s Carnival, which consists of several events and giveaways all related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

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